The Magic of Journaling

We are preparing for the New Year...a signal for new beginnings. To be effective with change we must find a way to discover our own blocks, barriers, strengths and insights. 

Famous, successful people including Lenorado da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Mark Twain, George Lucas, and Thomas Jefferson were known for carrying around small notebooks to record thoughts and observations of the world around them. And you can, too!

So Before We Journal …

We have an experience

A thought is bubbling up

the thought triggers a belief

that is usually unconscious

which is triggering other old thoughts and beliefs

which continues to take us around the loop of the subconscious

repeating the same thoughts

releasing the same chemicals to our cells

repeating the same actions

reinforcing the same values or “learned truths”

as we connect with the field that magnetically

brings us what we believe …

is our story … that we continue to live out of … again and again

And After We Journal …

We are dissecting our experiences, looking at them in a new way,

allowing us to let go of old thoughts from the subconscious and re-write our story,

which changes our perception of a situation,

and triggers new thoughts from the conscious

releasing new chemicals to our cells

which when repeated over and over

create new neurons that are firing together with other neurons

as our thoughts create sharp pictures in our minds,

which are creating new neural pathways

which are changing our beliefs

allowing us to change our actions

and reexperience life in a new way,

reinforcing new values or “truths”

which connect with the electromagnetic fields within us and outside of us…

which brings us exactly what we believe

that changes our story

and our destiny forever … and ever …

~Angela Caughlin

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