Our Family of Origin

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots."

                                                     – Marcus Garvey

When you dig deep, you can heighten your awareness of family dynamics. Discover who you are by thinking about it as though you are an outsider peering in through a window. However, YOU get to choose which values, scripts, attitudes, love, and communications you want to adopt going forward. Shifting a current mindset means being open to overriding the way your mind has been condi- tioned by past experiences. It is important to believe that you can have a different life experience. If you continue to work out of an old family system that relies on the predictors of your parents or grandparents, you will never break free. Your goal is transformation. This means rewiring your neurological circuitry of who you are, and perhaps altering your genetic expression. Take the good and leave the rest! Unravel the myths and gather information that you can believe and live from going forward.

Explore More: -What were the values in your family? Some examples might be: hard work; love; spanking; secrecy; substance use; honesty; integrity.

-What are the values from your family that you still hold and want to keep?

-What are the values you want to let go of?

-What is the most important strength you have brought into adulthood from your family?

-How was love expressed in your family?

-How do you want to live differently because of what you learned in your family?

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