Journaling Through...Rewrite Your Story!

We've blogged about "Journaling Through Challenging Situations" Step 1 (Clarity) and Step 2 (Transformation / Finding Truth).

Now it's time to experience Step 3: REWRITE YOUR STORY!

Journaling really does offer us the opportunity to rewrite our stories. 

As necessary as it is to download negative thoughts, it is just as important to re-frame our stories as we move forward. 

Researchers are studying whether the power of writing --and then rewriting your personal story-- can lead to behavioral changes and improve happiness. Studies at Duke University show that students prompted to edit their own narratives about college improved their grade point and these students were less likely to drop out over the next year. 

We all have situations that we weave into stories that are not necessarily true! Living out a story that is not accurate can cause us to live in fear, anxiety, or depression. Many stories are not congruent with our own value system, thus causing a disconnect with the expression of who we really are.

Rewriting a story as we would like it to unfold changes our mindset. 

Try using a different perspective as you rewrite your story. Look at the situation from 18,000 ft. to gain some distance. Examine the truth of the story up close to see the detail. If the situation is ongoing, after you feel the feelings, try looking back on it rather than experiencing it in the present. 

What is the outcome you would like to envision? 

Think about the new outcome and live out of the new story as if it was your reality!

Here are a few questions to help you re-write your story.

1) What do you believe is the truth or core of this situation?

2) What strengths have you used in the past to deal with difficult situations?

3) What could be the best possible outcome for this situation? Live out to this new story! 

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