Journaling through A Challenging Situation Step Two: Transformation!

Nothing Ever Goes Away Until It Has Taught Us What We Need to Know"

~Pema Chodron

It is important to understand that every situation we are dealing with involves varied elements of emotion and learning.

Events or situations in our lives can feel unmanageable until they are broken down into manageable pieces, enabling us to step back and process the various parts.

I created a template as a guide through the three stages to help each individual process a challenging situation.

In the last article, I wrote about STEP 1: Clarifying the Situation. By identifying the situation,we bring attention and focus to our thoughts, emotions, and actions surrounding that specific situation and how it is affecting our life at the moment.

STEP TWO: Reconstruction / Metamorphosis / Transformation of the Process or Situation: Try to understand how this situation or experience might be used as a tool to change some of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and actions. Instead of resistance, accept the situation as a vehicle to develop the undeveloped parts of your self. Identify your strengths.

Finding meaning in difficult situations awakens us to the process of becoming alive again.

How could this situation be perceived differently and change the story—and the outcome?

Allowing yourself to be responsible for your life opens you to a new level of consciousness, which joins with the transformational power of the mystical presence of God.

1. What has shifted in my beliefs, or perceptions, or consciousness as a result of this situation?

2. How will my life be different going forward because of this situation?

3. How have my spirituality and my way of being in the world changed because of my situation?

Look for the article on Step Three: Rewriting Your Story!


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