Journaling Through A Challenging Situation

"The interpretation of our story holds the power either to heal or destroy us."

~Angela Caughlin

Every situation we deal with involves varied elements of emotion and learning.

Some situations take longer than others to process, depending upon the severity of the situation.

The first step toward the resolution of a problem or situation is to merely to clarify the situation. Sometimes we minimize problems or are in denial that a situation exists. We cannot change anything until we understand what we are actually dealing with. As we identify the situation, we can become aware of the enormous range of feelings that it is triggering. We must acknowledge the changes this situation has caused in our lives and the effects on our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

By identifying the situation, we can bring attention and focus to our thoughts, emotions, and actions surrounding that specific situation and how it is affecting our life at the moment.

I've identified THREE STEPS to successfully navigate a challenging situation with journaling.

Step One: Clarify and Download

Step Two: Expansion - Your Truth

Step Three: Rewrite Your Story



1. Identify your situation: ex: loss of a loved one, finances, relationship, addiction, etc.

2. What are the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors this situation triggers?

3. What are the changes that have come about in my life because of this situation?

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