Pressing the RE-SET Button

What does pressing the RE-SET button mean to you? Sometimes we press RE-SET because we see a pattern we want to fix and simply know what to do. But, how do you press re-set after a catastrophic event like Harvey, or a huge divorce, death, or getting fired from a job? How is it possible in the midst of what feels overwhelming and impossible to do this?

Sometimes we need to get knocked out of our comfort zone to go to another place to discover the most amazing things about ourselves. In the middle of the worst hurricane in the US we witnessed amazing strengths in people who stretched themselves beyond their capacities. And, if we could do it during Harvey, we can do it after Harvey.

Sometimes people are afraid to grow because they are afraid of outgrowing the people around them. Summoning up a new part of our-self is discovering something that was there all along that was

not yet accessed.

Resilience is one of the key factors to pressing the RE-SET button and feeling the confidence to move forward. Scientist who study stress and resilience say it's important to think of resilience as an emotional muscle that can be strengthened at any time. Try the following tips to begin to build the " new muscle" of resilience that needs to strengthen.

  1. Think and write about the times in your own life when you had something difficult or traumatic happen? What skills did you use to get through it?

  2. Like gathering treasure, one of the most powerful ways to build resilience is to acknowledge every positive thing that happens to you each day. Look for a smile, a call from a friend, or a beautiful flower. Thank God and the Universe for small favors- and make a list to keep with you.

  3. Re-write your story. Instead of thinking about the most catastrophic outcome, which is recreating negative chemicals, write about what would be optimal- the VERY best outcome! You are creating positive chemicals and traveling toward that new possibility. You are re-enforcing new neural pathways- new paradigms- allowing old worn out negative neural pathways to atrophy. Write this vision and read it often.

To RE-SET means you are going through a Transition. According to William Bridges, author of Transitions, there are three phases of Transition- 1) Endings in your life 2) Loss and emptiness 3) Begin anew!

ENDING. Every transition begins with an ending. Hurricane Harvey was an ending for many. Even those not directly affected experienced the ending of neighborhoods, friends, jobs, and whole life experiences as they knew them. So in some ways we have all experienced an ending from this event, some more than others. Endings also come in the form of retirement, job changes, income, illness, death and divorce.

LOSS OR EMPTINESS. It is essential to go through a lost period before we begin anew. Grief is normal during this time. Many people have a tendency to want to skip feeling lost or empty and begin something new just to "plug back in". To press RE-SET we have to explore our steps to what is next. These ideas do not come all at once. What is going to work in this new place we have landed? After the loss of my husband, many years ago, I landed in the land of the unknown. I had to learn to navigate that new territory- one step at a time. I couldn't push RE-SET until I listened to the inner shifts and clarity my intuition was guiding me to take.

The third part of Transition is to BEGIN ANEW. This is the exciting part- we get to participate in a new adventure. We have pressed the RE-SET button and have then pressed "ENTER"!

WOW! The picture of your life is changing to reflect the new place you have landed. You are moving forward, and learning a whole new skill set of things you didn't know you could do. Just like nature, since the beginning of time humans have been wired for change.

Yes, you can do this! You can RE-SET one step at a time!

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