The Art of Waking Up: 40 Days to Awaken Your Brain

Combining New Findings in Neuroscience with

Spiritual Wisdom to Make Lasting Changes

We write the stories of our lives each day.

Our life is determined by our different desires and motivations which are seeded by thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs which are often unexamined and unconscious.


The underlying core of The Art of Waking Up uses neuroscience as the foundation to make lasting changes in our brains and in our lives by discovering our negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs and rewriting them.


Through a series of journaling questions the reader is guided to explore these patterns  that drive them to do the things they do, and determine where to invest their energy to make changes


Many describe this book as a guide for getting from "who you think you are" based on what you were taught to believe, to becoming your authentic self-- based on  core values.   


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Journaling Through:
Unleashing the Power of the Authentic Self


The Seven Benefits of Unlocking the Wisdom Within is a landmark work that draws upon studies in jounalism and brian science to acquaint the general public with journaling as a modality for healing and a means to navigate change.


Psychotherapist Angela Caughlin draws upon 18 years working with clients and audiences to obtain personal breakthroughs through the applied technology of journaling.


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The Only Way Through.
A Journey of Loss, Transformation and Oneness


In this raw, warm and compassionate memoir, author and therapist Angela Caughlin shares her heart-felt story of the resiliency of one’s human spirit.


This deeply moving spiritual journey portrays the challenges, courage, and transformation that grief offers to those making the journey, and practical steps that can be a light for others.


Whether the grief is from death, divorce, or illness, The Only Way…Through will touch and inspire you. 


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Journaling Through from Loss to Transformation


Angela Caughlin created Journaling Through Loss to Transformation after experiencing the powerful healing effects of journaling.  


In a series of thought provoking questions, Caughlin gently guides the individual to gain the awareness that loss is not just an event, but also a process to be digested a little at a time.


This powerful personal journal serves as a guide to facilitate individuals through the many layers of the process of grief: from loss to transformation.


This journal is widely used by individuals, as well as Hospitals, Hospice organizations, Churches and Funeral Homes.

• Tools to gain insight into our own experience

• Questions to probe our emotions and feelings

• Opportunities to transform our thoughts and beliefs.


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