Life Coach

After writing The Art of Waking Up I began giving workshops and realized that there were many people who had addressed past issues and were ready to move forward in a new way.

Thus, my practice grew to include Life Coaching. 

The Art of Waking Up highlights the work of Joseph Campbell and the Hero’s Journey -- a journey we all experience many times over. 


Any person who is experiencing a transition is at the precipice of a new form or expansion of their life.  However, this new life cannot be revealed without some movement forward and a letting go of some components of our old life.

Transitions come in many form:  due to death, divorce, job change or move.  A Life Coach is the perfect support to get us through the trials and challenges as we seek to emerge whole and eager into the next chapter of our journey.

Angela Caughlin - Life Coach

As a Life Coach I offer support and the tools necessary to make good decisions. This time is often confusing and an important part of my job is to help you to make sense of your journey.


Yes, I am passionate about Coaching:  read the “Bio” page of this website to become familiar with my story and why coaching is now an integral part of my work.


I extend my hand as you seek to make sense of your journey, open yourself to new horizons, and have the courage to make good choices.   



There is a lot of confusion around the idea of Coaching or Therapy

Here are the distinct differences: 


Counseling or Therapy: For clients to recover from past wounds and move towards a lifestyle of healing and finding freedom from their pain. Therapy or counseling has a more intensive focus on the past and how to heal the wounds that are still blocking an individual from making positive changes. 


Coaching: A method that looks toward the future. Coaching is for people who desire to see improvement and beneficial change in their lives moving forward. 

How is a Life Coach different from a Therapist?


LIFE COACHES motivate, offer emotional support and create confidence in their clients. Life Coaches focus on creating a new life path in order to achieve goals.

THERAPY often looks into emotional resolutions to past problems in order to move forward.  In addition, Therapy assists in the understanding of past barriers. 


Life Coaching is a specific type of coaching, that is used to assist people who are in major transition phases of their lives.  Life Coaches  help people plan for a more comprehensive picture of their life and identify steps to realize those goals.