About Angela....

Angela H. Caughlin is a therapist, author, speaker, consultant, relationship and grief/loss expert, mind- body practitioner and budding adventure traveler.  


Her life took an unexpected turn when her husband, Tom, was diagnosed with cancer. As the parents of three young children, the youngest of which was a little over a year, this catastrophic event changed her life forever.  


Tom was sick a very short time, 6 months, and died, leaving Angela to raise her three young children.   Loss was no stranger as she had lost her Mother shortly before Tom’s death, and her Father died shortly after the death of her young husband.  


She returned to school while raising her three young children and completed her Master’s degree at University of Houston in 1990.   In the wake of the challenges of this time, Angela turned to journaling, yoga, her faith and friends as supports. Inspired by the health benefits of journaling, yoga, meditation and breath work she started to incorporate the benefits of alternative therapies into her traditional mental health practice.  She continued to study the various healing techniques, adding the practice of mindfulness to her work.


Angela Caughlin has a special interest in helping clients with grief and loss issues, related to death, divorce, health, caregiving, career, relationship issues, and other profound transitions.  As a result of her own struggles she is able to assist clients to understand the enormous benefits of journaling and mindfulness to clear the emotional field as a catalyst to health, healing, and moving forward in life is a primary focus.


Because of her own experiences, research and practices, she is able to support and teach clients self-care and holistic practices for mind and body that support optimal wellbeing.  Acting as a support to emotional health she works with women and issues unique to them, such as life balance, self care and care taking for others.   When she’s not working, you can find Angela out walking on the beach, by the ocean or somewhere in nature, or shopping at fun antique places, having a great lunch with friends catching up, working out, reading or writing.  


She is serious about good coffee, constantly curious about new knowledge, a foodie and aspiring chef.

Additional Special Interests

Angela has a special interest in helping individuals find the life path that offers balance, expanded consciousness, awareness, fulfillment and purpose.


Because of her own life experiences in working through loss, trying to make sense of her own path, and returning to the work force while raising her three children, she understands the demands, pulls and tugs that families experience while working and trying to maintain balance and health.


Angela's Approach

Angela completed her graduate training at the University of Houston and has worked at inpatient and outpatient facilities in Houston Texas.  During her graduate training she worked at Harris County Psychiatric, an inpatient mental health facility.  After graduation she worked as Director of the Child Abuse Program at Family Service Center.  She then entered private practice and worked with individuals, couples and families using a psychodynamic approach.  She is the former Director of Programs at Bo’s Place, a center for families and children experiencing loss.  In addition she worked at Baylor College of Medicine in Transition Medicine, a program for young adults with chronic illnesses that are aging out of pediatric care.  She regularly attends conferences and trainings in psychology and spirituality and is part of an on-going Mindfulness training class.  She teaches Journaling Classes throughout the Houston area including the Jung Center.


Angela helps clients develop an awareness of the connections of the mind, body and spirit, which helps lead them to greater clarity and focus in their lives.  She loves to recommend support groups, and makes referrals to other practitioners as needed.  If you are working with another health care professional Angela is happy to consult using a team approach. 


Angela’s overall goal is to help clients reduce the clinical symptoms, improve life satisfaction, and develop meaningful lives.  

*As a therapist & consultant, my goal is to support you through a personal life challenge or crisis, heal loss and grief, help you have more satisfying personal and professional relationships, understand self-defeating negative habits and patterns, provide you with tools and useful life skills to improve problem solving, and partner with you to create optimal emotional health, well being and a sense of empowerment.  Clients describe me as engaging, insightful, intuitive and compassionate.   ~Angela