Angela Caughlin 

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My Houston based consultation and coaching practice is devoted to helping clients manage change, make healthy choices, manage feelings and relationships in their personal and professional lives.  


I'm an Integrative Coach, which means I use a holistic approach that integrates with other modalities of treatment during counseling sessions. 


I offer a supportive environment to individuals, families and groups to help clients clarify the changes they want to make, discover their strengths, manage feelings and anxiety, process grief and loss issues, and identify values and beliefs in order to create a healthier work /life balance.


I have extensive experience in journaling, mindfulness and meditation, as well as traditional western psychology.   

Angela Caughin, Psychotherapist

How do we glean insight from our own life story?  Contemporary research shows that journaling is a valuable way to create sustainable change in on'e life.  The impact of journaling on the mind, the body, and the spirit teaches us how to listen to our stories and our own internal voice to create new meaning in our life. 


This workshop highlights the connections between the new brain science and journaling which enable the individual to access the deeper wisdom within to make lasting changes.

 The Art of
Waking Up:
A Fresh Approach

Has a recent transition left you feeling overwhelmed and confused?  

Adapting to change can be challenging.  

In this class we'll explore spirituality and the findings of contemporary science as we use the tools of journaling, mindfulness, meditation, and discussion to create and implement our unique forty day plans for change and a new vision!


Thought-provoking and

heart-opening topics.

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Enrichment Tuesdays

October / November

Offered by

Angela Caughlin and Kathy Davis

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